About Us

Welcome to ElectricBd.xyz, We are dedicated to be No.1 Electrical Learning Source in Bangladesh. We are trying to serve most original Informations to our members. So, Our Members can be confusion-free of these informations.

ElectricBD.xyz is founded in 2020. At the beginning, the ElectricBD Team had a few members, which was not sufficient for collecting more Electrical Information. But day by day, the Team members are increasing incredibly. This is a good opportunity to collect more Electrical Data for ElectricBD team.

We need more members,
♦ to empower our Electricbd Team
♦ for collecting Electrical Informations
♦ for inquiring Electrical Data, is it valid? or not?
♦ for making Electrical Data confusion free.

If You want to join us or give informations or share us your opinion, You can Email Us,

Email: arafatbd310@gmail.com.

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